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The feature saves you from the hassle of sending your location again and again.

So suppose you’re traveling in a bus and your parents keep calling you to ask where you’ve reached.

Now, instead of answering their questions again and again, you can simply share your real-time location on Google Maps and they will be able to check where you are anytime using the link.

The feature is recently pushed to the Google Maps app.

So, if you’ve not updated Google Maps for a while, please do update to the latest version available in order to make use of the feature. You can find it in your installed apps with the name ‘Maps’.

Step 2: Tap on the menu (hamburger) button to open up the menu.

This javascript fires events on a timer panning the map from one location to the next.

Plus when the device is stationary or in the same area, location updates are often slower.

Was you i Phone moving far distances during those 20 min?

Example: It would be really helpful if someone points me towards the right direction.

Thank you Just to add another example for you to check out, here is the source code for a live map showing the position of trains on the London Underground. from=map;to=tube, although unfortunately it is no longer active as Transport for London has suspended their API service due to high demand.

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Achieved the purpose for which you shared the real-time location?

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