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In addition, driveways and garages can be built into the Sim's lot.Also new, more customized swimming pools can be designed.

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A compatible match-up costs extra, as does access to the Matchmaker's apothecary of mystical potions: the Re Nu Yu-Porta Chug which allows sims to change their Turn-Ons and Turn-Off, Love Potion #8.5 which adds a spicy hot kick to a lukewarm date, and Vamprocillin-D, the cure-all for sims suffering from an acute aversion to sunlight.

Two other noteworthy NPCs are lurking around the public lots after dusk: the Count and the Contessa, an ashen-faced pair who skulk around town with their arms drawn comically across their signature dentistry.

Sims who ask out a member of their current household give the player normal control over both participants, but when asking out someone from a different lot, the second character remains an independent entity.

Since players can't normally access the Wants of an AI-controlled sim, players are granted access to a small sidebar showing off the date's inner desires.

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Another element that influences their chemistry is 's new Attraction system which adds two "Turn-Ons" and one "Turn-Off" to every character in the game.

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