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I'd also like to thank Patrick Mc Kenzie (patio11), one of my biggest inspirations to start building stuff when I was reading his blogs on Hacker News years ago.Also Jon Yongfook who showed me you could build startups while nomading and not look like a broke backpacker while doing it but instead do it in style." for 2 years, but mostly believing in me when so many did not.I'd like to thank my co-shipping friends: Marc from Beta List, Lowen, Andrey, Oskar, John from Ghost, AJ from Carrd, Courtland from Indiehackers, Daniel my Server Guy™, Xiufen Silver, Yury the Critic™, Jelmer (aka Dutch Levels), Amrith (aka the Shinbag), Vlasti, Suska, and Felix from Fastlane.

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The text of this book is freely readable but it's partly obfuscated.

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