Sql 2016 sp4 validating user

With Enterprise and Enterprise Plus editions, you can do agentless, SQL transaction-log backup and replay, transaction-level recovery of databases and SQL objects back to the original or a new SQL Server.

Restoring a SQL database and ensuring low RTOs and RPOs has never been so easy!

It can be exported as of the current restore point, to a certain point in time or to the state prior to a selected transaction.

Moreover, based on your needs you can export a database to custom locations and attach it to any SQL Servers.

With agentless transaction log backup and replay, you can perform quick point-in-time restores up to a certain transaction, like rolling back the delete or insert query.

Transaction log backup is a separate option that can be triggered during SQL Server backup job configuration.

This should have negligible to minimal performance impact to existing applications based on Microsoft testing of SQL workloads, however, we recommend that you validate before deploying to a production environment.

Microsoft has measured the impact of Kernel Virtual Address Shadowing (KVAS), Kernel Page Table Indirection (KPTI) and Branch Target Injection Mitigation (IBC) on various SQL workloads in various environments and found some workloads with significant degradation.

We recommend that you validate the performance impact of enabling these features before deploying into a production environment.

Select the SQL Server backup and click to: The Enterprise Manager web interface even provides a complete view of all your available SQL databases to simplify the recovery of deleted or lost databases.

In Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server, you can export a database to its original location with one click.

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It’s as simple as that – you don’t need to be a database administrator!

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