The benefits and risks of mandating network neutrality

Instead of trying to regulate the Internet, these rules should be repealed in order to promote competition and innovation in the broadband market, which will result in more choices and better products for Americans at lower prices.If the FCC insists on being an Internet regulator, addressing net neutrality disputes on a case-by-case basis would be a far better approach than the prescriptive rules contained in the 2015 order.Does blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization help us or harm us? Postal Service and other shipping services have expedited shipping—a form of paid prioritization.Blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization are all around us and serve to benefit society. Carpool or HOV lanes allow for those who meet the qualifications to arrive at their destination faster because other vehicles are blocked from entering those lanes.

Telehealth and electronic record data exchange are the two primary areas of healthcare that would suffer were internet service providers allowed to charge higher prices for faster transmission speeds, say those who back net neutrality.“I don't think people realize how much net neutrality can affect health services,” said Mark Gaynor, an associate professor of health management and policy at St.

But it should be, and soon, argue those in healthcare technology who have been following the topic.

The wireless telecommunications industry's trade group, CTIA, for example, has been circulating a letter to healthcare organizations, asking their support to oppose regulation that would ensure continued net neutrality.

Since the FCC issued rules in 2015 to regulate the Internet, empirical evidence suggests that companies have reduced their investment in broadband deployment and innovation.

The brunt of this trend is likely to affect low-income and rural areas where existing broadband infrastructure is in the greatest need of improvement to close what is known as the “digital divide.”As for the harms that net neutrality regulation is supposed to prevent, there is very little evidence that any problems existed before the FCC intervened.

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