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They are then assigned with a random template landing page and full set of offers and Autopilot, like the domains that are being provided to them.– Landing pages scripts.

Functionality to add scripts to all landing pages at once.

They also sell premium content in a clip style store as well as private shows through their completely integrated white label partnership with

They offer social media affiliates a landing page on a domain the company has purchased and affiliates set up adult dating offers with a sophisticated redirection algorithm (because social traffic is usually international).

They have been able to be quite successful without much marketing, which leaves a tremendous opportunity for a new company to come in and build the site up even further.

Adult Site Broker is proud to introduce for sale a very unique tube site with content uploaded only by approved producers.

We are proud to offer for sale a site dedicated to exploring sexuality, and sharing & reviewing the authors’ favorite sex toys.

The affiliate manager will agree to keep working for the company under new management, and one of the original partners would also agree to keep working for the company for another year (provided there is an agreement for a suitable salary) to ensure an easier transition.

Every affiliate is automatically granted a personal referral link with the ability to earn lifetime commissions of 5% on the total revenue generated by his referrals.

This is the main reason for the business growth, since there has been no advertising since 2016.– Interactive landing pages.

Lastly, the “Real Doll” affiliate program just changed as of a couple months ago.

It’s now using an official affiliate program instead of keeping track via “coupon codes”, and at the same time they raised the affiliate payout. There are 104 posts published on the site, 12 draft posts, and 4 posts written but not yet published that can be handed off to the new owner.

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Upon registering, their affiliates receive a personal domain name with a pre-made landing page (one of 10 templates, randomly assigned) with a whole set of hundreds of adult dating offers already set up (covered are 40 different countries, all device types, as well as different niches). It was the first “smartlink” ever developed, however it is more complicated that a simple “smartlink” rotating multiple offers for different visitors.

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