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The Wizard should automatically detect the port and should display USB and your PIN number. Next the Application Loader Wizard will read your devices system configuration.

What this does is COMPLETLY Wipes the Device OF ANY & ALL DATA INCLUDING the OS.. The Application Loader Wizard will start up and you will need to select ‘Next’.

For instance, if the closest cell tower resides across the time zone border, the time on your Black Berry may be off by an hour.

Thankfully, you can make swift adjustments to correct this issue.

Select the option that allows you to choose what items you would like to re-install. DO NOT attempt to re-start it with any Key-Press Combinations etc…

but seemed to lack the finesse that Black Berry users always seem to go gaga over. The “Latest Version” of Desktop Manager [v6.0.2.44] Kept on Saying… SO you can either get a) Leaked Versions from the Carriers which are NOT officially released (much earlier than official release) OR wait a while & get the fully-tested official OSes. Re-installing 3rd Party Application Plug in your device, load up BDM, click on Application Import files, browse your 3rd party application backup file.

Here you need to make sure applications such as Black Berry Attachment Service, Black Berry Messenger, and 3rd Party Application boxes are ticked, and any other applications you want installed to the device and select ‘Next’.

But once I had confirmed that the OS 6 is AVAILABLE for the 9700.. I searched High & Low & managed to lay my hands on MANY Os 6 available on the NET… The reason YOU too, will come Across MANY OS 6 files is very simple: Black Berry Designs & Develops the OSes & “releases” them to Carriers for “TESTING” Purposes The Carriers.. LINK Make Sure you click “No” to: Would you like to receive information about RIM and/or Black Berry products and/or services from RIM or authorized third parties selected by RIM? Once it has been completed, or near to doing so, you should notice that your Black Berry has a slightly different loading screen.These walk you through solutions for issues you may have with your device.This provides instructions for setting up a Black Berry (BB) account using the Black Berry Internet Service (BIS) website.This is helpful for employees who travel for work, as their Black Berrys will adjust to the local time automatically.If you live near the border of another time zone, however, these automatic updates may not be welcome.

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Instead, you may selectively choose to have your Black Berry prompt you when a new time zone is detected.

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