Updating macbook memory

Of course, that’ll be quite expensive, but you can go for up to 2TB of space if you so desire.

If you’re going the user-replaceable route, you should know that the dumber 2016 Mac Book Pro — the 13-inch flavor that lacks a Touch Bar and two USB-C ports — has an upgradeable SSD.

While 8GB of RAM may be enough for most people, storage is a little trickier.

Then, the SSD is kept in place under the speaker module and has a very strong tape covering the interface port.

Apple on its website says the SSD of the new Mac Book Pros can’t be replaced, but the company notes the same thing about previous-gen Mac Book Pro models that ship with SSDs.

If you still have a a big chunk that’s not in use, it’s safe to say you probably don’t need to upgrade the RAM.

Another big upgrade that can be made is the move from a standard hard drive to a solid state drive (SSD).

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