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In this case, will spot that the target values are all 1200, and will effect the desired changes using a single UPDATE statement as described above.

In the case of Postgre SQL, it can be done using a FROM clause with UPDATE, like this: This does an INNER JOIN between the tables “staff” and “updates” where the column “name” matches.

It is relatively straightforward to populate a table with multiple rows with just one query (or at least, far fewer queries than the number of rows desired).

So, given a list of updates to apply we could effect them using the following steps: So in the example above we can reduce five statements to four. But now the number of statements is no longer directly dependent on the number of rows requiring updates.

Use the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) Table Designer to create, edit, or delete tables, columns, keys, indexes, relationships, and constraints.

A requirement arises in many systems to update multiple SQL database rows.

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Suppose we have two tables Categories and Categories_Test. The common column in the two tables is CATEGORY_ID. Please note that query below is used for illustration purpose because Category_ID alone is primary key.

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