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Some unfinished downloads will be dropped, but not all space may be freed, which ends up having a system failed the update and have it's volume containing on most distros, and most well-behaving applications will stop working or even crash if they can't write their logfiles.So filling up the volume they are writing to is a bad thing.The number of kernel images to keep is set in the provides an extensive list of all the packages to be upgraded, removed, or installed for dependencies, the same way it does when installing or upgrading specific packages.In an interactive update session After examining the results, we can decide if we start the update, or cancel it.To get this valuable information we can run the update process as it would run the actual update, but stop before any actual package downloading, installing or updating have taken place.Around Redhat 6.6 a new option was introduced that will cause to assume "No" to every question that comes up during update - including the approval before the actual package manipulation stage, and as a consequence no actual interaction is needed execute a dry run: The above script can be executed automatically and will provide a text report of the dry run, as well as an overall exit code indicating any problems.

When completed, it will check the integrity of the installed/updated packages, clean up unneeded files.

To work on with the possibilities of the next yum operation will work with the same directory structure, but on a different path - hopefully with more free space for the upgrade.

We can also move the cache to another volume by moving the whole directory: It is wise to know that the update will not fail on a trivial error such as low disk space.

Even with one or a few computers, we should gather information before starting an update of the whole operating system, just to be on the safe side.

One day there will be a problem, and it is much less stressing if you can solve it before it has impact on the actual job of a given machine.

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