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Vial Bant Spirits is a Frankenstein of a deck (for the record, any commenter who says “Actually, it’s Frankenstein’s Monster” earns my scorn).

Bant and UW have separate identities as the deck that overwhelms or outplays opponents, respectively.

However, my experience with the archetype renders me acutely attuned to the minor inefficiencies that hybridizing Bant and UW creates, and subsequently to where each deck is superior to Bant Vial.

Bant Vial has fewer creatures than no-Vial, and so Company whiffs more often.

This new version is a hybrid, aspiring to the overwhelming card advantage of Collected Company the tricky mana advantage of Aether Vial.

Maybe if I hadn’t worked on Spirits as long I as I have, I wouldn’t have a problem with the Bant Vial build.

Terminus is hard to fight, but responding with Truth to retrieve whichever creature we have multiples of saves the day.

Truth is also great against tokens and any deck with problematic permanents like Ensnaring Bridge. Players have gotten the memo about Spirits and know to bring in answers for non-creature permanents. I’ve had success using it as a multi-turn Fog to buy time to catch up on damage, but it never earns an automatic concession anymore.

My anti-creature plan of winning the tempo game and using Slaughter the Strong to catch up left something to be desired.

And true, Rattlechains isn’t very impressive in terms of stats; rather, it shines given the context, and I’d argue that this metagame is friendly to Chains.

Against Jeskai, it’s Spirits’s best card, since that matchup revolves around two-for-ones.

With fewer Company hits, Vial Bant isn’t as grindy as no-Vial Bant, and fewer Vials and Rattlechains means it isn’t as tricky as UW.

It therefore leans more on hitting lords than either alternative does.

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I don’t enjoy playing the latest version of Bant Spirits, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad deck by any means.

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