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Joe Peraino, who met his previous girlfriend at the 2011 “weed dating” session, said the event works because everyone has similar interests.

“What I find is if you go to bars, you don’t really know what people’s interests are,” he said.

“You can’t really walk into a bar and complain about climate change or peak oil without having people look at you weird.” (MORE: Single on Valentine’s Day?

Five Phrases to Take Off Your Online Dating Profile Now) At a recent “weed dating” session, Christian Science Monitor reports, O’Leary’s introduction was fittingly touching and peculiar.

The ladies each get their own plot to garden, and the men take turns weeding with them.

They’re evaluated afterwards to gauge if both parties want to till a relationship.

Does this seemingly special someone share similar hobbies? That’s where the northwestern state’s well-meaning farmers come in.

Once a year, a neighborhood farm on the outskirts of northwest Boise holds an evening of “Weed Dating.” No, this brilliant plan has nothing to do with drugs.

Other than some of the aforementioned cons, there are, obviously some really cool things with this app.

For example, the site’s mobile and desktop sites remain two separate entities.

So, you’re going to have to sign up for both if you want to use it on different platforms.

Regardless, it remains one of the most popular dating apps for weed smokers.

The app, which was created back in 2011, boats a bit of a dated interface, and some of the logistics of the app also feel a bit prehistoric.

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