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As much as we want to love them, the truth is that they had some pretty awful experiences together.

Let’s see if they are still “goals” after these 20 Things That Make No Sense About Blair nd Chuck’s Relationship.

And don't even try to deny me on that one — you know you love him (XOXO, GG).

From the elaborate storylines, the catty characters, and extravagant lives these teens lived, caught all of our attention like nothing else could. He is so lost when it comes to playing basketball, but the one thing Chuck Bass can do is steal my heart with these contrasting patterns. If you know the story of Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf (endearingly known at Chair), you know it was one hell of a ride and involved way too many emotions.

opened our eyes to the true power of social media in high school.

As the teens of the wealthy NY families try to deal with school and family, Gossip Girl actively reported on the juiciest stories of the week.

From there, their attraction grew and soon became a significant focus of the storyline.However, the one thing that brought Chuck and Blair together was their mutual love for manipulation.The foundation of their relationship together began with their interest in playing mind games and getting their way.Many men are intimidated by strong women, and that is a problem along with an obstacle in the dating world.To see Chuck Bass give Blair the space to build her future on her terms was so refreshing.

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