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Both of them have experienced childhood traumas and the loss of their fathers in different ways, but Till is close to his mother, while Richard feels rejected by his own.After filming a video portraying sexual violence, Till muttered with a nauseous look, "I hope my mother doesn't see this." After the release of another raunchy video, Richard joked, "My mother thought it was good, which was disappointing." Richard is the one who founded Rammstein and recruited Till as the lead singer and lyricist, but both of them have been ambivalent about sharing the spotlight.You are no god." The feeling of being loved and wanted by the fans leaves as soon as the lights go down; it does not sustain or fulfill him but acts more like a drug in that he needs "more and more" to achieve the same feeling of newness and redemption, the assurance that he is worthy of living.

Both have been married once and divorced, with angry accusations of rampant cheating.In German, his name is pronounced "REE-kard," and in Germanglish, "Reeshard," or "Reesh" for short. Circa 1990, Richard and Till were in a band together (along with future Rammstein rhythm guitarist Paul Landers) with the cheeky name First Arsch.Till, the drummer, was a single father of a little girl at the time, the issue of a short-lived, youthful shotgun wedding--to Richard's current girlfriend. Lindemann," who had never changed her name after divorcing Till, had a child with Richard, the girl also carried the last name of Lindemann.Till was extremely uncomfortable with being at the front of the band from the start, while Richard craves attention.Till has famously said, "I don't like to be stared at" and describes how he uses flashy stagecraft to distract from his person, while Richard revels in personal connection with the audience.

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