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Peter Parker was orphaned as a child and lives in New York City with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May.He was bullied at school and had a crush on his next door neighbor Mary Jane Watson.Spider-Man is the main protagonist of the Spider-Man Film Trilogy.He was based on the character from Marvel Comics and was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.He began dating his childhood and high school crush named Mary Jane Watson, who earns a living as a model and an actress.

Attempting to meet his Uncle Ben, Peter discovers the street filled with bystanders and paramedics.

Enraged, Peter dawns his spider costume once again, using his powers to chase after the criminal.

Using his webs to swing from building to building, Peter caught up with the car chase and forced the suspect to crash into a pier warehouse.

Nonetheless, despite the little spat he pins Bone Saw in less than three minutes.

The promoter, however, only pays Peter 0 of his ,000 prize money.

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His best friend was Harry Osborn son of Norman Osborn, the founder of Oscorp.

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