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For our upcoming online dating book, His Advice for Her – Her Advice for Him, we interviewed hundreds of users of online dating over a 10-year period. Gordon and Laura-Jane Wareing have penned a 3-part series for INSPIRELLE that gives you the tips to survive and then thrive within the world of online dating.

SHE SAID – My husband encountered this on a fair number of dates pre-me.” She replied casually, “Oh yes, that’s right, that photo was taken 10 years ago – that’s alright isn’t it? ” SHE SAID – I spoke to my now husband loads before we actually met. However, they never had the courage to talk on the phone.He was traveling madly, I was busy with various deadlines, and it was a lovely way to connect and test the vibe. When they finally met, it turned out she could not hold a conversation and was crazily nervous the whole time.I had stopped paying for the site and was about to give up.My last act was to leave a message for my future husband.

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