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Glyphs are spell and ability enhancements created by scribes.

Until used, they are not soulbound and can be traded or sold.

but having a group of enemys tremble in place for 8 seconds seems like a good thing to me... pop int shout, and you have 8 secs to gain aggro or have DPS aoe dps the crap out of them.again, ive only played my tank for almost 2 weeks now, so i dont really know what to expect later on as a tank, and this could be one of the many things in the game that seem awesome in theory, but arnt that . IMO it seems pretty usefull as long as its fixed like the above poster said... not that I would ever Polymorph a Gorilla into a Monkey just for kicks ) but there's not really much you could do with that to make the amusing Glyphs....unless you could get a Glyph that made it so you audibly shouted "For Pony! But it is great for PVE utility as it is a very weak form of CC every 2 minutes.

It is like smart boomkins glyphing for Starfall in PVE. Same concept, you don't want to use Intim Shout in an expansion that provides you to CC from tanks taking too much damage and healers not having the regen to mindless spam heals.

When Path of the Titans was cancelled, the glyph system was changed to three tiers - Major, Medium and Minor.

It annoys me so much that warlocks get green fire, only to have the visual appeal ruined by gear or enchants that have red particles.just out of curiosity, why dont alot of people use this?now, im nowhere near end game, and im not sure if alot of mobs end up being immune to fear... still, i think il give it a try for the time being, could be fun in BGs : PI've been watching the AH (and constantly "researching" with my scribe, no luck there) for a cheap one of these, since it seems like it'd be kind of useful and the others are pretty lame... The only thing I don't like about the melee classes so far is that the minor glyphs that do just nifty stupid things aren't avail (see- Glyph of the Monkey for my mage just lets me giggle sometimes... Much more effective to get some charge distance in PVP.Minor glyphs give convenient or cosmetic improvements, such as reducing a spell's cost or removing the need for a spell's reagent.Examples: Initially, there would be additional glyphs known as "ancient glyphs", added with the Path of the Titans system.

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It makes it effective as your mobs dont run off and run into other groups.

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