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Also if a client has pending updates already queued up from talking directly to Windows Update, it will need to finish those before it even registers on WSUS.On my Surface i had manually set to Defer Upgrades.It doesn’t take a huge amount of time and you can be sure then you are in a known good position. On the client side of course Windows 10 has changed how the Windows is generated, it requires the use of a Power Shell cmdlet (Get-Windows Update Log) to be run, which then collates all the Windows Update events and generates a log of your desktop.To run the SQL commands, you can load up SQL Management, connect to the WID by entering the following: In the SQL Management Studio you can expand the SUSDB and start a new query. So you have configured your WSUS, got your Windows 10 machines showing up and reporting status. In addition to that, you will find a file in c:\windows\Software Distribution called Reporting which shows a basic outline of what the Windows Update client is doing.

This should be enough to get your Windows 10 machines talking to WSUS, however there are some circumstances where this won’t be.

The client that we had just deployed the Surfaces to, already had WSUS running to patch around 150 Windows 7 Desktops and Laptops.

In addition they now have about 30 Windows 10 devices.

If your WSUS is already in working order, your Windows 10 machines should be registering, but, will likely show no status for updates.

This again is related to processing time, but, simply lowering the frequency is not enough due to the differences in how the Windows Update Client now works.

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It seems that even though you have set the Detection Frequency to hourly, the client computer is not going to report its status hourly.

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