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Harrah used his influence to create the Nevada Gaming Control Board in 1955, an organization designed to regulate gaming in Nevada.In 1959, Harrah helped create an even stronger Gaming Commission to rid the state's casinos of corruption.The Reno Game was shut down several times by local authorities, but each time, lawyer John Harrah would get his permit reinstated. When twenty-year-old Bill told his father he should get rid of the shills and put more money into the business, John challenged him to run the operation by himself.Bill said, "Dad, that would suit me just fine," and paid his father 0 for the business.

The Reno or Circle Game involved rolling a ball down a board where it would register a card suit and number.As you might have guessed by now; BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women.These plus sized beauties are everywhere in every country and most are sexy as can be, even sexier then their skinnier counter parts.From his early years, Bill Harrah was a driven individual. He studied mechanical engineering at UCLA where he was a member of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity.When the car his father bought him was stolen and stripped he vowed to his sister that one day he would own a duplicate of every automobile the family had ever owned. Harrah was forced to drop out when the Great Depression of the late 1920s hit and soon began work at various family businesses including a pool hall, a hot dog stand, shooting gallery and a bingo-style operation called the "Reno Game".

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The property was close to the successful Sands Casino and across from where the Mirage now stands.

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