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The higher the ratings (particularly the 18-49 demo), the better the chances for survival.

This chart will be updated as new ratings data becomes available — usually the next day, around am EST/am PST. 2/23 update: You can see the rest of the latest night’s ratings.

Typically, networks get paid for C 3 ratings which includes DVR viewing within three days of the original airing when commercials are watched.

Co-workers don't always get along, and the same rule applies for co-stars in major Hollywood productions.

As Duchovny once told "The whole thing about Gillian and I dating is so weird.

It's never happened, it's not going to happen, we're friends." In fact, while they are friends now, during the show's 1996-2002 run, they sometimes fought openly onset.

Gut feelings from both her and show creator, Chris Carter, clinched the deal and made sci-fi history, even though network executives originally wanted more of a "bombshell" actress, over Anderson's slim, petite, and delicate build. And if you ever let your geek flag fly, you know this means that fans desperately hoped for a romantic relationship between the two characters, as a well as the two actors off the screen.

No matter how you know her, American/English actress, Gillian Anderson is sure to have left an impression for her unique beauty, grace, and talent.A 1991 issue of the New York Times reports on her "groundbreaking" stage performance as Evelyn in Alan Ayckbourn's Absent Friends, which won her a "Best Newcomer Award." After this early success, she moved to Los Angeles (with a guy) and began auditioning for films."It was only after being out of work for almost a year that I began going to TV auditions," she told that catapulted her career.What's really unique is that, in season two's sixth episode, "Ascension," the show used footage of Gillian Anderson's real pregnant belly to represent bizarre tests the aliens were supposedly conducting on her during her abduction.In a fan Q&A that was originally posted to Anderson's official webpage in 2002, she lists filming the scene as her answer to the question of her most memorable moments.

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As often happens when gorgeous, talented women do sci-fi, Anderson has enjoyed a dedicated male fan base over the last few decades.

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