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On transaction selection screen, click on tab-Get Variant (Shift F5) and select your own variant.Depending upon selection variables, system will populate a particular field with required values (as below).Here at We Card, we break these many steps down to make a retail employee's job easier. If it has been altered, you'll feel bumps or marks on the surface. DATE OF BIRTH: Compare it to your We Card Age of Purchase Calendar to ensure the customer is of legal age. Others have red text or highlighted areas sometimes in RED indicating UNDER 18 until xxx date xxx or UNDER 21 until xxx date xxx.After asking a customer for their ID, the first step to execute is "HOLD, SWEEP, FLIP." HOLD the ID in your hand. See We Card's info on Minor License Characteristics by state. Knowing what to do and how to do it - through tips like HOLD, SWEEP, FLIP - can help your employees fulfill their responsibilities by denying age-restricted products to minors.While answering one of the post related to screen variant creation/setup for SAP transactions, I thought of preparing a small document on the same and sharing the same on forum. Search for the field on which a dynamic/variable date needs to be setup.It might be possible that most of the SAP guru’s knowing this function but this blog will be helpful to new comers in SAP… Can I have any other fixed value on the same screen e.g. Go to column-Type of selection variable (Third from right hand side) and click on the dropdown icon or press F4 to show the popup menu for the selection variable.

Hi All, We are using version picker custom field for Release, we trying to have a new scripted field that captures the history of Release custom field.Any housing or accommodation allowance or subsidy paid in cash, or the value thereof of if paid in kind, is deemed to be part of remuneration.allowance or the value of provision of a company car.Except where indicated otherwise, every employer must follow these ground rules unless a Main Agreement or Collective Agreement contains different conditions.The following are a few guidelines: Should an employee utilize his annual leave at another time during the year, then the shutdown period will be treated as unpaid leave.

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