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In this case there is a concentration of the copper at the surface.

In the metallurgical process to have chrome plated on the brass, it is necessary to plate the brass with copper before chroming process.

Heavily coated with a black a crackle finish, and distributed amongst the men and women of the military, and stopped selling to the general public.

This box looks just like the 1949-51 USA box, but observe the ® on both the lid and the mount.

ASR, Colibri, Dunhill, Dupont, Evans, Negbaur, MTC, Rolstar, Ronson, Rowenta, Zippo and many others... You will also find books, catalogs, patents and magazine advertisements on lighters!

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The fourth change was the addition of writing on the inside of the box base When I first saw one of these boxes I thought someone has mixed up the lid and base from different years, but I have now found that this combination was direct from ZIPPO.

The new Red box bottom had a picture showing the lighter insert (removed) on it.

The third change is the thickness of the bottom was changed from 5/8" to 5/16" .

The places, the dates, military emblems and even soldier's name are correct. How to detect counterfeits If the engraving is filled with new shiny black or brown ink beware!

Remember none engraver had filled the lighter that he had just engraved excepted those, new in box, sent to the family as a gift.

The forgers know all about GI's zippo history because they have held them to make copies.

The engravings and poetries engraved on counterfeit lighters are correct.

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